I Hate You – Part 1 . . .

Thursday 5 – Friday 6 December 2019

I’ve been collating, or rather collecting, ideas for blog posts from across the Web, and one of those prompts was ‘I hate you’. From that, I came up with these two characters and how they got to the point where they no longer love each other. I began writing their confrontation after a life changing event, and decided I wanted the catalyst for the event to be mundane and ordinary, but the event itself needed to be extreme. No, not to the normal level of extreme that I might employ; rather, it had to be an event that left me (and you) in no doubt that this relationship was over.

So, I had this idea today, that if I’m finding it difficult to come up with full length posts, maybe I could work around that and create a single post made up of smaller bits and pieces. Seemed like it might work. And here, for your reading entertainment, is the first instalment of ‘I Hate You’.

‘Had I left earlier that Sunday evening, I’d not have seen you and that, that . . . harlot wandering along the High Street all lovey-dovey. I wish I’d gone sooner. Then none of this – ’ to illustrate her point, Andi waved her arm around in front of her like a mad woman, ‘ – would have happened. Would it?’

Dumbfounded, Trevor squinted and pursed his lips. ‘Wait, what?’

‘This!’ Andi repeated the gesturing again.

‘You’re saying, if you hadn’t seen me with Kate, you wouldn’t have set our house on fire?’ Utter disbelief spread across Trevor’s face.

You’re the one who set it on fire. If you hadn’t tried to get in through the kitchen window and kicked over the candle, the tea towel wouldn’t have caught fire and spread to the kitchen curtains, and so on and so forth.’

You’re the one who left a lit candle in the house knowing you wouldn’t be there for four hours. You knew I was coming back to collect some of my things, and you locked the house up except for the kitchen window. You did it deliberately!’

Andi grinned. Of course she’d done it all deliberately. As deliberately as he’d shown off his new screw. Why else would she have done it? For fun?

‘You can’t prove a fucking thing, Trevor.’

‘And that,’ he stabbed the air with his left index finger, ‘that is an admission of guilt. No innocent person would suggest that someone couldn’t prove –’

‘Fuck off, Trevor. You’re making a fool of yourself.’ She turned her back on him.

He stumbled around trying to find the right words. ‘At least it’s me making the fool of myself this time, not you.’

‘Some consolation,’ she laughed.

From inside the fire cordon, three of the unit members watched incredulously as Andi and Trevor played out the confrontation.

‘Can you believe this shit?’ The lead firefighter raised his voice so his colleagues could hear over the combined noise of the equipment and the fire. ‘Risking our lives for bloody idiots wanting revenge on each other.’

One of his colleagues shook his head in disbelief, the other stared Trevor down.

‘Derek, you alright, mate?’

Derek considered the question, his eyes never leaving Trevor as he responded. ‘It’s alright for you, boss, but that bloody idiot over there is the one who’s screwing my missus.’

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I like to write. What more is there to know?
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