“When you’re in your 20s you believe ‘someday’ is going to happen. But when you get into your 30s you realise that ‘someday’ and ‘never’ are the exact same things spelled differently.”
(Mark Illsley, writer & director ‘Happy Texas’)

Finally, fully understanding what Mark Illsley’s quotation meant, I decided to create this blog as a way of publishing some of my work.

I write stories that may be considered to be a little twisted, and sometimes I do write opiniony, ranty pieces that I call my armchair philosophy. So hopefully, there will be something here that you will enjoy reading, and maybe, just maybe there might be posts that bring you back for return visits. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that. 😉

By clicking on my username below, or the Social Media icons to the right, you can also find me on Twitter as @22DanielleM, Instagram as @22DanielleM, and Tumblr as GrapeCola.

Happy Reading…


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